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Uncovering the Power of Influencers


As you take a leisurely scroll social media platforms, you will be bombarded with branded content from ads to posts. Older generations may be wary, but Gen-Z are more aware. Why are they most influenced by influencers?gen z

How Gen-Z is Impacted By Celebrity and Social Media Personalities

When you examine Gen-Z as a progression of earlier generations, rather than people that simply occurred, the clues are all around us. The admirer-driven culture of the mid 1900’s, was the predecessor of influencer culture today. Companies would hasten to the stars and personalities that had taken the hearts of the youngest generation then, vending products and experiences with the names of idols and heart throbs all over it. The younger generation only needs to recognize their Digital Influencer is behind something, and they are immediately sold, without needing celebrity-branded persuasion as time passes.

A study done by Marketing Hub, Marketers Will Increase Their Spending on Influencers by 2023. In the US, influencer marketing expenditure is projected to reach $5.6 billion by next year. As the admiration for influencers continues to increase amongst consumers, businesses are beginning to take notice. Companies have recognized that their customers desire connection and involvement, they want to understand why their favorite social media stars are endorsing specific products and why they should invest in them. Influencer marketing has now become the main way to reach the most extensive consumer base. One thing brands must remember when getting involved in this new market is the fleeting trends of Gen-Z.

Companies have the ability to promote their products through influencers and use the same promotion strategy as they would with traditional celebrities.

Platforms, particularly TikTok, facilitate the spread of various personas and trends among Gen-Zers more quickly than any other generation. Fame as an influencer for a certain dance could come and go quickly for an artist, one day being hot and the next, forgotten as if they never existed. Brands should not just read studies and trend reports about Gen-Zers, but actively engage with them so they can comprehend and effectively represent these young consumers.

The shift in how Gen-Z interacts with brand collaborations has opened up new and exciting avenues for marketing. Digital influencers are more relatable to the younger demographic, making them a more attractive choice for marketers and businesses. Brands create genuine relationships with customers, influencers. Successful campaigns, better results. Gen-Z loves influencer marketing; more businesses will jump on board.

Comparing Traditional Celebrities and Digital Influencers: What Makes Them Different?

There are many kinds of influencers, from the most famous social media superstars like PewDiePie, Addison Rae, Charli D’Amelio, and Zach King to the average micro-influencer that has accrued a substantial following. These influencers have taken the place of traditional celebrities in recent years. Companies take advantage of the influence online celebrities hold by utilizing influencer marketing on YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. The press hounds these celebrities, dictating the latest fashion trends and lifting brands up. So what sets these content creators apart from traditional celebrities like Hollywood actors or popular singers?


Authenticity is one of the key aspects of influencer marketing that is often discussed. It is one of the fundamental reasons an influencer marketing campaign succeeds. People don’t consider the influencers they follow to be stars. There isn’t the same level of disconnect. Celebrities can feel far away, like they live on another world. What we observe of them is red carpet appearances or late-night TV show appearances. Social media influencers tend to be much more multi-dimensional. Influencers display a lot more of themselves, which leads to stronger connections with their followers. People have a heightened sense of receiving an honest recommendation because the person promoting it to them feels real. Celebrity marketing does not include this.


Trust is a fundamental part of any promotional plan. Your viewers must have faith in your brand to offer them something of superior value and quality. Influencer marketing can help foster this by getting clients to associate their trust for an influencer with your brand. This is so effective as people genuinely have more faith in influencers than in a traditional celebrity. According to a QuestionPro survey, 92% of customers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or a renowned star. Even more remarkable is that people often have more trust in influencers than in their own family or friends. Genvideos research showed that 33% of people trust influencers as a source for shopping suggestions while just 17% would trust those near to them.

Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

While traditional celebs may have a vast real-world impact, not all have converted that influence to a powerful social media presence. Many of the most famous personalities on the planet are older and less acquainted with the complexities of platforms like Instagram and TikTok which are leading the way today. Social media drives the realm of social commerce, making influencers a more viable choice for most brands, regardless of expense.. The average influencer has achieved the status they have since they are experts at playing the social media game. They have niched their content creation skills and grown their followings from scratch. This is ideal if you are attempting to utilize social media platforms to amplify your sales. Even if celebs may have greater reach, it will likely come at a higher price tag, and influencers are more experienced social media marketers.

As discussed before, celebs are distant characters, while influencers appear to be more genuine and relatable. This is largely due to the steadiness of influencers’ posts and the exposure they provide into their lives. Celebs have a glossy layer that makes them seem aloof and not as real. There is considerably more knowledge with influencers into who they are and their way of life, even if it is a designed variant. Influencers must be consistent in their posts. They share more information about their lives, frequently in videos, where they display things like a day in their life, what they eat every day, and how they exercise. When they showcase so much more of their lives, it is much more natural for promotional purposes. If they are constantly exhibiting the items they use, it appears much more genuine if they spotlight a sponsored article from a brand.


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