Tropical Weather Outlook

As of June 19, 2023, we have a developing tropical weather situation in the Atlantic Ocean. A tropical depression, labeled as “Tropical Depression Three”, has formed over the Central Atlantic and is moving westward with a maximum sustained wind speed of 35 mph​.

Are there any tropical storms in the Pacific right now?

In contrast to the Atlantic, the Pacific is currently quiet with no tropical cyclones in the Eastern North Pacific or the Central North Pacific​.

Is there another tropical storm in the Caribbean right now?

While Tropical Depression Three is expected to strengthen into a tropical storm, named Bret, and impact the Lesser Antilles and the Caribbean by the weekend​​, there is also another area of low pressure, Invest 93L, that is following closely behind Tropical Depression Three in the eastern Atlantic. This second wave has a medium chance of development over the next week​.


How do you know if a tropical storm is coming?

Determining if a tropical storm is approaching involves monitoring various meteorological signals and alerts. One such alert is the “Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert”, which is issued when there is a significant probability of a tropical cyclone forming within a 24-hour period. 

Hurricane Ian

Additionally, meteorologists also monitor various weather phenomena such as the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) and Kelvin waves, which can influence the formation and movement of tropical storms.

What are the predictions for hurricanes?

The 2023 Atlantic hurricane season began early with its first system forming in January, and another named storm, Arlene, forming at the start of June. If Bret forms this week, we will have three named storms before July, which is unusual as June typically records one named storm. The peak of the hurricane season is from mid-August to mid-October​.


However, I was unable to find a source that could provide a more detailed forecast for the 2023 hurricane season. For the most accurate and updated information on tropical weather outlook and hurricane predictions, you should refer to official sources like the National Hurricane Center or your local meteorological department.


Please note that while we can provide information on current tropical weather conditions and general hurricane predictions, the actual path and intensity of tropical storms and hurricanes can change rapidly. Therefore, if you live in a region prone to tropical storms, it’s important to stay updated with the latest information from your local weather service and follow any advice or evacuation orders they may issue. Stay tuned at Right Celebrity with these tropical updates! 

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