The Jenni Hermoso – Luis Rubiales Kiss Controversy

The soccer world has been rocked by the recent controversy surrounding a kiss between Spanish Football Association (RFEF) president Luis Rubiales and Spain forward Jenni Hermoso during the Women’s World Cup final celebration. The incident has garnered significant media attention.  Specifically, many have expressed concerns and raised questions about the issue of consent in the context of sports, as well as the role of professionalism and gender dynamics in such environments. It is clear that this incident has struck a nerve and touched on a number of sensitive and important topics that warrant continued discussion.

Jenni Hermoso

What Jenni Hermoso Says About the Kiss

Jenni Hermoso has been outspoken about her feelings regarding the incident. She has firmly disapproved of Rubiales’ kiss, asserting that the kiss was not consensual and denouncing any attempt to manipulate the narrative. In her own words, Hermoso clarifies that she did not provide consent for the kiss, and she felt shocked, vulnerable, and disrespected by Rubiales’ actions.  Check out the statement she posted on her Instagram page.


Why Luis Rubiales Kissed Jenni Hermoso

The motivations behind Luis Rubiales’ actions are still subject to debate. Rubiales has claimed that the kiss was consensual and part of the celebratory atmosphere following Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup. However, Hermoso’s rejection of this account and the photo evidence provided by RFEF in defense of Rubiales has led to a heated dispute.

Consent and Controversy

The central issue surrounding the controversy is the question of consent. While Luis Rubiales contends that the kiss was consensual, Jenni Hermoso vehemently denies this claim. Her assertion that the kiss was non-consensual has prompted a strong reaction from the soccer community and the public. FIFA’s decision to provisionally suspend Rubiales for 90 days clearly indicates the gravity of the situation and the need to investigate the matter further.

Consequences and Calls for Change

The controversy has had significant consequences beyond the individuals involved. Eighty-one players from the Spain Women’s team have pledged not to play until Luis Rubiales steps down from his position as RFEF president. Additionally, the situation has also shed light on broader issues within the sport, including the importance of respecting players’ boundaries and maintaining professionalism in all interactions.

Moving Forward

The Jenni Hermoso – Luis Rubiales kiss controversy has raised important discussions about consent, professionalism, and gender dynamics in the world of soccer.  The conflicting accounts and strong reactions from both sides underscore the significance of addressing such matters with sensitivity and integrity. 

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