Selena Gomez Addresses Internet Feud Rumors With Hailey Bieber

Selena Gomez is setting the record straight after rumors of an ongoing feud between the singer and actress, and Hailey Bieber have run rampant online. The actress and singer shared a message on her Instagram story on Friday, addressing the issue.

Instagram/Selena Gomez

An Act of Kindness

In the message, Gomez revealed that Hailey Bieber had contacted her, informing her that she had been receiving death threats and negative comments. Gomez stated that she never advocates for hate or bullying and that she wants the negativity to stop.

Hailey Bieber Thanks Selena

A few hours after Selena posted on her IG story, Hailey responded and thanked her for speaking out.  It appears that she has also allegedly addressed ‘browgate’.

“Things can always be taken out of context or construed differently than they were intended. We all need to be more thoughtful about what we post and what we say, including myself.”

Instagram/Hailey Bieber

The Rumors Begin

The speculation of a feud between Gomez and Bieber started in February when Gomez shared a video on TikTok, mentioning that she had accidentally over laminated her brows. Soon after that, Kylie Jenner posted a selfie on her IG story with the caption over her brows, “this was an accident???” Jenner then posted a screen grab of a FaceTime call with Bieber, who also snapped a pic of her own eyebrows. This led to fans thinking it was an attack on Gomez.

A Full-Blown Online War

Many fans believe this was the tip of the iceberg, and this was not just a feud between the two but now an online war. Team Selena and Team Hailey fans have flocked to social media and have made hateful comments on each of the stars’ socials.  

No Ill Will

Gomez and Justin Bieber dated for several years before he married Hailey. Both Gomez and Hailey have tried to put the rumors to rest that there is a feud between them. The two even took photos together last fall to prove there is no ill will between them, but the fans remain unconvinced.

Negative Effects of Online Hate

Gomez has been a longtime advocate for mental health issues after disclosing in 2020 that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. We have seen the actress take breaks from social media in the past. After the drama of browgate last month, she announced she was again taking a break, but it did not last long.  

 Regardless of Selena’s post, will this put an end to the Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber online feud between them? Leave me your thoughts below!

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