Rihanna: Super Bowl Halftime Show

Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show has fans everywhere buzzing with excitement, speculating about what songs she will perform during the highly-anticipated event.

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During a press conference at the Phoenix Convention Center on Thursday, the soon-to-be 35-year-old (her birthday is February 20th) spoke about the process of what goes into prepping for the 13-minute production.

“The physical challenge has definitely been immense for many reasons, of course. I haven’t done this in a minute. That was first. First things first. So, you’re just running around for 13 minutes trying to put like a two-hour set in 13 minutes and, you’re gonna see on Sunday, from the time it starts, it just never ends until it’s like the very last second. I know I’m saying too much but it’s a jam-packed [show]. It takes a toll on your body. It does.”

The Barbadian beauty has been a staple in the music industry for over a decade, with an extensive catalog of hit songs. From “Umbrella” to “Work,” her music is iconic. With so many amazing songs to choose from in her 17-year career, the question on everyone’s mind is: what will she sing during the halftime show?

Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime show has some fans hoping that the Fenty Beauty founder will perform a medley of her biggest hits, giving the audience a chance to hear some of her most popular songs all in one place. Others are hoping for a surprise collaboration with possibly Jay-Z or Drake, two artists she has worked with in the past. I’m hoping for Eminem to make an appearance, but probably unlikely since he was part of last year’s epic halftime event. There is also the possibility of a new song premiere during the show. Why not take advantage of using this platform to introduce a new single? Speaking of faves, here are some of the Philadelphia Eagles players and their favorite Rihanna songs! Shout out to RB Boston Scott on his mad vocal skills!

While the new Mom (she welcomed a baby boy with her partner, A$AP Rocky, in May of 2022) is known for her energetic and high-energy performances, this will be no exception. We can speculate all we want about her show setlist, but according to RiRi, there are 39 versions! Wow!

I’m so excited, how about you? Comment below and let me know what you thought about Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime show!

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