Miley Cyrus Finds Support from Chris’s Wife

Miley Cyrus finds Support from Liam’s Sister-in-Law Elsa Pataky, recently spoke on the Ana Rosa Show about her admiration for Cyrus’ song “Flowers,” which was released on Liam Hemsworth’s birthday. 

We were good, we were gold
Kinda dream that can’t be sold
We were right ’til we weren’t
Built a home and watched it burn

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A Miley Cyrus fan account shared an English translation of Pataky’s interview quote, where she commented, “I admire the song, I love it, I have listened to it and it is very good.” 

Pataky and Cyrus had a close relationship prior to Cyrus’ divorce from Hemsworth, even getting matching tattoos in 2016. Pataky commented to Hola! in November 2019, expressing that Hemsworth deserved the best, and that his brother Chris had been a great source of support. Since then, Hemsworth has moved on with Gabriella Brooks, whom he is still with today.

Today marks one month

since the release of ‘Flowers’ and it continues to be a huge success around the world, topping the Hot 100 charts. 

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To celebrate the milestone, Miley Cyrus took to Instagram saying, “Happy 1 month anniversary of Flowers! 

To still be celebrating #1 on the Hot 100 & around the world is phenomenal.” Despite not confirming or denying if the song is about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, Cyrus is still honoring love in all its forms during Valentine’s Day. She continued, “With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow this song feels even more meaningful to me. I hope this holiday is filled with the joy of honoring LOVE in all of its forms. 

It’s human nature to want to give & receive it. Sharing your love is special but it’s always important to save enough of that love for yourself. 

“YOU are enough, anything more is just extra.” She finished her post with a heartfelt message to fans, “Thank you for another incredible week. I LOVE YOU.”

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