Maui’s Fire

What is the cause of the Maui Fire?

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The devastating wildfires in Maui are under rigorous investigation, with evidence increasingly pointing towards the fallen utility lines as a probable cause. The Hawaiian Electric Co. (HECO) is now under scrutiny for its decision to keep the power on, despite strong wind warnings. As the gusts intensified, dozens of poles succumbed to the force, potentially igniting the blaze. The New York Times reported that a brush fire, which eventually engulfed Lahaina, ignited under a broken power line. Interestingly, this fire had started a full nine hours before its devastating spread through the town. Though initially deemed “contained” by firefighters, the fire flared up by afternoon, causing unprecedented damage.

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What started the fire in Lahaina?

Video evidence and interviews conducted by The New York Times suggest that the fire in Lahaina was ignited under a snapped power line. This fire started approximately nine hours before its major outbreak, which consumed large parts of Lahaina. Initially, firefighters believed they had the situation under control, but the fire resurrected with a greater fury in the afternoon.


What is the death toll in Maui?

The tragedy in Maui is heart-wrenching, with the Maui Police Department confirming 106 fatalities as of Tuesday, Aug. 15. Among them are Robert Dyckman, 74, and Buddy Jantoc, 79, both of Lahaina. Identification efforts are ongoing, with police withholding some names until families are notified. The Family Assistance Center at Kahului Community Center is facilitating DNA sampling to aid identification processes.

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What is the Maui myth?

Māui is a renowned figure in Native Hawaiian culture, often referred to as the “trickster.” Legend speaks of his possession of a magnificent fish-hook named Manaiakalani. The Hawaiian islands, as per folklore, were crafted by Māui. He cunningly persuaded his brothers into a fishing expedition with him, leading to the creation of the islands. This myth underscores the cultural significance of Māui and his connection to the land.

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Maui wildfire recovery updates for Aug. 16: loss of life grows; displaced survivors navigate change

The aftermath of the Maui wildfires reveals a grim scenario. Lahaina Town, a historical site in West Maui, has been ravaged, with the fires leaving a trail of destruction spanning approximately 3.5 square miles. The fires gained momentum due to the hurricane force winds, with gusts reaching 80 mph, as system Dora lingered south of the Hawaiian Islands. Currently, the largest fires in Kula and Lahaina remain active, with firefighting efforts persisting. This catastrophe is being labeled as the deadliest wildfire the nation has witnessed in the past century.

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The local community is grappling with both the tangible destruction and the emotional aftermath. Reports of looting and theft have emerged, with locals expressing their desperation for strong leadership and effective emergency response. The situation is dire, with some residents even resorting to self-organized neighborhood patrols to ensure safety and protection of essential supplies.

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In the midst of this chaos, the state’s Department of Health has issued advisories for residents returning to their properties in the Lahaina area. The ash residue may contain carcinogenic substances, and the debris poses physical threats. Residents are cautioned against the potential health hazards and are directed to the department’s official website for guidelines on personal protective equipment.

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The state’s leadership, on the other hand, has faced criticism for their handling of the crisis. The Governor’s visit to the “ground zero” of the destruction left him with the realization that “there is very little left there.”

As the island continues to grapple with this catastrophe, the legend of Māui serves as a symbolic reminder of the island’s resilience and the hope that it will rise from the ashes.

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