Liam Ellis shares his story how he broke his penis

Australian porn star Liam Ellis has just shared a shocking story of how he broke his penis while filming an intense sex scene.

Liam Ellis

The 34-year-old told Daily Mail that he was in the middle of a threesome when it happened. He explained that he had slipped out of the woman and was still in motion when it happened, saying, “I wasn’t lined up.” This injury is no joke, so we wish Ellis a speedy recovery!

After launching his career as a porn star, Ellis experienced a workplace incident that caused his penis to bend and tear, resulting in a penile fracture. While Ellis said it didn’t hurt at the time, the damage soon became apparent as his penis swelled up and went black from bruising.

Ellis underwent surgery to correct the issue and is now back on the mend, although he is understandably concerned he ‘might never be the same again’. He plans on being ‘cautious’ in the bedroom moving forward, but still found a silver lining in the life-changing experience. He said, “I got a free circumcision out of it, which is something I’ve always wanted.”

Liam Ellis

It is with a heavy heart that we report the injury of Australian porn star Angela White. On a recent episode of Pillow Talk, her co-star, Keiran Lee, revealed that when they filmed their first sex scene together in 2013, she was rushed to the hospital with a burst appendix.

Lee stated that he was unaware of the incident until White informed him two days later that her stomach was hurting and she had to see a doctor.

He then questioned whether his nine and a half inch penis was to blame, but White later shared on Twitter that the surgeons had to make an incision above her pubic bone and at her hip for the surgery. Yikes!

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