Larry Nassar Stabbed In Prison

Larry Nassar, the sports physician found guilty of sexually assaulting female gymnasts, was stabbed numerous times during a confrontation with another prisoner at a federal prison in Florida on Sunday.

Larry Nassar Stabbed

Nassar’s Condition

According to Joe Rojas, president of Local 506, which represents staff members at the Federal Correctional Complex Coleman in Central Florida, Nassar, 59, had a collapsed lung in addition to being stabbed six times in the chest, twice in the back, and twice in the neck during the attack on Sunday.  Rojas stated that Nassar was in stable condition.

The Official Statement

The federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed an attack occurred at Coleman around 2:35 on Sunday but would not name the inmates involved. Officials stated that staff members performed life-saving procedures and transported the prisoner to a nearby hospital for treatment. 

They continued by stating that the public was never in danger at any point, and that neither the personnel nor any other prisoners sustained injuries. Additionally, officials noted that an internal investigation was underway and that the FBI had also been notified.

Nassar’s Crimes and Background

The court found Nassar guilty of sexually abusing gymnasts, including prominent athletes like Aly Raisman, Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, and Gabby Douglas, and sentenced him to a lengthy jail term. Both state and federal courts found him guilty, and he is now serving time in prison.

The accused sports physician admitted using his hands to sexually abuse gymnasts and other athletes while pretending to treat hip and leg ailments. Over 150 claimants detailed his assault in testimonies read aloud or filed during his trial.

The Michigan Supreme Court turned down Nassar’s final appeal in June last year. Separately, Nassar admitted to having child pornography in his possession. Nassar traveled the world with professional athletes while working at USA Gymnastics in Indianapolis and Michigan State University.

Larry Nassar

The Prison’s Security Concerns

According to Rojas, he has been residing at Coleman since 2018 in a unit with other sex offenders.  He added, “It’s unusual that this would happen in that unit.  This is why it happened.  We don’t have the staff.”  He said that personnel at the high-security prison had been working overtime and filling other positions at the expense of safety and security due to employee shortages.


The stabbing of Larry Nassar in a Florida federal prison has brought to light the ongoing repercussions of his heinous crimes. This incident raises concerns about inmate safety and the role of judicial comments in influencing prison dynamics. As investigations continue, it is crucial to remember the survivors affected by Nassar’s actions and their long-lasting impact on the gymnastics community.

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