Kim Kardashian Blasted for Tweet On American Horror Story Set Amid Writers Strike

Kim Kardashian has found herself in the hot seat as she faces criticism for her involvement in filming “American Horror Story” during the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike.   She is getting blasted on social media for her decision to tweet from the set.  To add fuel to the fire, she is getting backlash from picketing writers, thus leading to accusations of being a “scab” and calls for solidarity among industry professionals. 

Kim Kardashian blasted for Tweet

Kim Kardashian Blasted For Controversial Tweet

Kim Kardashian’s tweet from the set of “American Horror Story” has been met with criticism from members of the Writers Guild of America and others. The tweet, innocently asking about what her followers are up to, drew attention to the ongoing strike and prompted responses emphasizing the need for unity and refraining from crossing the picket line. Despite the backlash, Kardashian choosing to leave the tweet thread intact, further fuels the controversy.

Kim Kardashian Blasted for tweet

Backlash and Accusations

Supporters of the strike expressed their displeasure and criticized her for not standing in solidarity with the striking writers. Some Twitter users directly called out Kardashian for her actions, with one responding, “Striking in support of our union. Thanks for crossing our line”. General Hospital star Nancy Lee Grahn did not hold back with her response to the reality star.

Kim Kardashian Nancy Lee Grahn Tweet

Furthermore, when she revealed her casting in AHS in April, she faced criticism from Patti Lupone, Sharon Stone, and others.  Additionally, the controversy surrounding Kardashian’s involvement in the series could impact her future acting opportunities, if any, as actor members of SAG-AFTRA have also authorized a strike.

Production’s Response and Denials

The production team of “American Horror Story” season 12, including series creator Ryan Murphy, has denied allegations of lack of support for the WGA strike. Murphy has denied rumors of threatening crew members who refused to cross the picket lines. Despite the ongoing strike, the production of “American Horror Story” continues. The show’s commitment to honoring the strike and ensuring fair working conditions remains a topic of discussion among industry professionals.

The Impact and Importance of Support

Kim Kardashian getting blasted for her tweet on the set of American Horror Society reminds us of the significance of sensitivity and support during labor disputes like the WGA strike. Industry professionals should stand in solidarity and advocate for fair compensation and working conditions for writers. The strike, which aims to secure better wages, writing room sizes, and protection against AI-generated scripts, has caused a halt in various TV shows and movies. Perhaps the attention drawn to the strike via Kardashian’s controversial tweet could raise awareness and potentially bring about positive changes for writers in the industry.


Kim Kardashian’s involvement in filming “American Horror Story” amid the WGA strike has generated significant backlash and criticism from striking writers. While tweeting on the AHS set, her lack of empathy emphasizes the importance of supporting labor disputes and promoting fair working conditions for industry professionals. While the strike continues to impact the entertainment industry, it serves as a reminder of the ongoing pursuit of better compensation and improved working environments for writers.

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