Kaylin Hedges: American Idol Platinum Ticket Winner (Video)

Meet Kaylin Hedges, American Idol Platinum Ticket Winner!  See the video of her amazing performance and why it was a no-brainer for Idol judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Perry to award her the coveted ticket!


Kaylin Hedges, 15, of Pound Ridge, New York, had an emotional roller coaster of a night on American Idol.  Kaylin told the judges that she planned to audition with “I’m Already There’ by Lonestar, a song dedicated to her father, Sgt. First Class Jeffrey Hedges, her inspiration. He has been deployed overseas and was not expected to return home until next year. He had made sacrifices in order for Kaylin to have the opportunity to go to school in New York, where she could study music.  Kaylin explained to the judges that the song resonated with the two being far away from each other.

After her audition, the judges had nothing but high praise for the teenager.  Lionel could not believe she was only fifteen.  Katy said, “That big of a voice in that small body,” and Luke added how powerful of a voice she has.

Before the judges’ vote, Katy pulled out a tablet and told Kaylin that she had a message from her father. 

“I have nothing but pride and admiration for you.  I’m sorry for missing so many holidays and birthdays, but I just wanted you to know that I’m already there, no matter where I am. So go ahead and look around.”

The surprise of a lifetime

The judges then told Kaylin to look around, and there stood her father. She jumped into his arms. “That’s what mom was whispering about,” she said after she recovered from her shock. But when the judges told her that her mother didn’t know, Kaylin ran out to find her mother, Hailey, who then couldn’t believe her husband was there.

Katy explained to the Hedges family that contestants can walk out with a gold ticket, but a Platinum Ticket is awarded to one person in each audition city.  This means not only was Kaylin going to Hollywood but will also skip the first round. Kaylin was floored.

Video of Kaylin Hedges American Idol Platinum Ticket Audition



What are your thoughts on Kaylin Hedges, American Idol Platinum Ticket winner? Well deserved, that’s for sure. Tyson Venegas was awarded last week. These two teens have amazing talent and I can’t wait to see how far they go in the competition!

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