Jessica Simpson Denies Ozempic Use For Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson, the multi-talented 42-year-old singer, actress, and designer, is no stranger to having her body constantly under a microscope. In a recent interview with Bustle, she addressed the claims that she lost weight using the type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic and emphasized that it is not the secret behind her slimmed-down physique.

Jessica Simpson Ozempic


Jessica Simpson: Willpower and Healthy Choices – Not Ozempic

Jessica Simpson candidly shared that her transformation is a result of sheer willpower and making healthy choices. She dismissed the notion that her weight loss was due to Ozempic or other medication. Simpson stated, “Oh Lord… it is not [Ozempic].” She firmly believes that her dedication and commitment to a healthier lifestyle have played a significant role in achieving her current physique.


Jessica Simpson Ozempic

Overcoming Negativity

Despite the constant scrutiny and negative comments, Simpson refuses to let it consume her. She acknowledges that such criticism hurts but remains resilient and steadfast. “Am I going to let the negativity derail me? No, I’m too old for that,” she confidently stated. Simpson recognizes the importance of staying connected to herself and not allowing negativity to affect her journey. Although hurtful, she does not let it define her.

Jessica Simpson

Appreciating Every Size

Having experienced different sizes throughout her life, Simpson feels fortunate to have had those experiences. She understands her customers’ diverse needs, which has helped shape her brand. Simpson appreciates the importance of body positivity and acknowledges the impact of words on an individual’s psyche. She expressed gratitude for the supportive response she has received regarding her body positivity journey.

Letting Go of Weight Obsession

In 2021, Simpson reached a turning point in her health journey. She decided to let go of her obsession with numbers on the scale. Comparing her scale to an “Ouija board in church,” she threw it out and focused on feeling good in her own skin. Simpson’s approach shifted to prioritizing her overall well-being and feeling comfortable in her clothes. She no longer allows her weight to define her and emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance and self-love.

Embracing a Healthy Lifestyle

Simpson’s perspective on health has evolved to center around maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She emphasizes the significance of focusing on her well-being rather than obsessing over weight loss. Simpson considers her journey a continuous process and appreciates the positive conversations surrounding body image. She remains committed to her happiness and encourages others to do the same, highlighting that words can have a lasting impact on an individual’s emotional well-being.

The Ozempic Craze

Hollywood’s obsession with Ozempic overshadows the challenges Diabetics face who rely on the drug to manage their condition.  The frustration is real, folks.


Jessica Simpson has made it clear that her weight loss is not a result of Ozempic or any other medication. She attributes her slim figure to willpower and making healthy choices. Despite facing criticism and negativity, she remains resilient and connected to herself. Simpson appreciates her body’s journey and understands the importance of body positivity. She has let go of her weight obsession and embraces a healthy lifestyle, prioritizing her overall well-being.

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