Jennifer Lopez’s New Collaboration: Shoes with Revolve and Latest Skincare Product

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Jennifer Lopez’s New Collaboration with Revolve

Jennifer Lopez, the 53-year-old actress and singer, has been making headlines lately as she has landed a new collaboration with Revolve for her line of shoes. She has also been sharing her skincare routine and promoting her new product, the That JLO Glow skin serum. Let’s dive into the details of this collaboration and product.

JLO Instagram

Working with Revolve

Jennifer Lopez has been working with DSW for a number of years, but now she has partnered with Revolve for a new collaboration. This brand is no stranger to celebrity collaborations, as Kendall Jenner has worked with them in the past.

Carousel of Images on Instagram

Jennifer Lopez shared a carousel of images on her Instagram account, modeling her new line of shoes with Revolve. She looked stunning in a black leotard and sheer skirt that showed off her toned legs. Her hair was straight and her makeup was dewy with nude tones. Jlo’s Instagram

Fashion and Jewelry

Aside from her shoes, Jennifer Lopez has also been showing off some cute jewelry on her Instagram account. She modeled a gold necklace that spelled out “Ben,” which was meant for her new husband, Ben Affleck. She also wore a heart pendant attached to the necklace.

JLO Instagram

Jennifer Lopez’s Latest Skincare Product: That JLO Glow Skin Serum

Sharing Her Skincare Routine

Jennifer Lopez has been promoting her latest skincare product, the That JLO Glow skin serum, on her Instagram account. She shared a promotional video in which she talked about her skincare routine and how the serum has helped her skin look better.

The Benefits of the Serum

Jennifer Lopez claims that the serum tightens the skin and smooths out lines. She also stated that it is a game changer and is great at moisturizing the skin. The serum should be used in the morning and at night for the best results.

Other Body Care Products

Aside from the That JLO Glow skin serum, Jennifer Lopez has also introduced two new additions to her body care routine. The Tighten + Tease Ultimate Body Serum is a highly efficacious body serum that gently resurfaces for a more radiant, brighter-looking appearance. The Smooth + Seduce Hydrating Body Cream is a high-performance formula proven to provide immediate hydration while helping reduce the appearance of skin dimpling and loss of firmness for a more contoured silhouette. She uses these products daily to show her body some love.

JLO Instagram


Jennifer Lopez has been busy lately, working on her new collaboration with Revolve for her line of shoes and promoting her latest skincare product, the That JLO Glow skin serum. She continues to amaze her fans with her stunning looks and her commitment to maintaining her beauty and confidence. If you want to achieve that JLO glow, you may want to give her skincare products a try. Let us know what you think at Right Celebrity!

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