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Jackson Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ Brother, Accused of Sexual Assault

Jackson Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, is accused of sexually assaulting a 40-year-old woman in a Kansas City bar.

The Kansas City Star reported that Jackson Mahomes, known for his obnoxious behavior at NFL stadiums, kissed the bar’s female owner against her will. Additionally, he is also accused of repeatedly pushing a 19-year-old male server.

The alleged incidents are said to have occurred on February 25th at Aspens Restaurant and Longue in Overland Park, Kansas.

Aspen Vaughn, the restaurant/bar owner, claims that the 22-year-old younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has frequented the bar in the past. He arrived at the establishment with five friends at around 9:30 p.m. Mahomes, and his group went to a downstairs office for employees, where he pushed a 19-year-old waiter several times. Then, they went upstairs to a VIP room, where Vaughan smelled marijuana and told the group to stop. Mahomes then asked to speak with Vaughn privately and allegedly grabbed her by her neck and kissed her at least twice without her consent. The grab left a mark on Vaughn’s neck.

Video of the alleged assault

Vaughan claimed she had a video of the incident along with a photo of the bruise on her neck, which she provided to the police. Additionally, surveillance footage of the alleged assault has surfaced online.

According to her statement to The Kansas City Star:

 ‘He forced himself on me out of nowhere and I’m telling him, pushing him away and asking him, ‘What are you doing?’ Then he did it twice more, where the last time I was pushing him off, I can see on the cameras that somebody was outside the office door and I was yelling for them to come help because he’s big and massive.’

The waiter, who requested anonymity, stated that Mahomes didn’t allow anyone into the staff office.

Mahomes’ lawyer, Brandan Davies, has denied the allegations, issuing the following statement:

‘Jackson has committed no wrongdoing. Our investigation uncovered substantial evidence contradicting Jackson’s accuser’s claims, including statements from several witnesses.   We have contacted law enforcement to provide the findings of our investigation so that they can have a complete picture of the situation.”   

Far too often, we hear of high-profile individuals who use their fame and power to engage in non-consensual sexual behavior with women. These people seem to think that they can do anything they want because they are famous. As if the rules of common courtesy and respect don’t apply to them. Furthermore, they use their power to force or scare women into sexual acts they don’t want to do or don’t consent to.

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