Ja Morant Suspended 25 games Following Second Gun Incident 

The National Basketball Association (NBA) made a major announcement today, as they suspended Memphis Grizzlies guard Ja Morant for 25 games due to his involvement in a second incident related to displaying a firearm on social media. Following a previous eight-game suspension in March, this suspension highlights the seriousness with which the NBA takes issues of reckless behavior and the potential influence on young people. Let’s take a deeper dive into the details of the incident, the NBA’s response, and the impact of Ja Morant’s suspension on the Memphis Grizzlies and the upcoming season.

Ja Morant Suspended

The Second Gun Incident and Suspension

On May 13, Morant appeared in a live-streamed video on social media, prominently displaying a firearm inside a car while leaving a social gathering in Memphis. This incident came less than two months after his previous suspension for a similar gun-related offense, where he displayed a firearm while intoxicated at a nightclub in Denver. The NBA deemed Morant’s repeated behavior as alarming and disturbing. The decision to impose a 25-game suspension sends a clear message that such conduct would not be tolerated.

NBA’s Response and Commissioner’s Statement

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed deep concern over Morant’s decision to display a firearm on social media once again, highlighting the potential impact on impressionable young individuals who may seek to emulate such behavior. In a statement, Silver emphasized the importance of preventing reckless and irresponsible behavior with guns, and stated that the 25-game suspension is an appropriate measure to address Morant’s conduct. The NBA’s strong stance demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a safe and responsible image for its players.



Impact on Ja Morant and the Memphis Grizzlies

Morant’s suspension will have significant consequences for both him and the Memphis Grizzlies. Financially, he stands to lose over $300,000 per game during his suspension, amounting to approximately $7.5 million in total. Furthermore, Morant’s absence from the court for the first 25 games of the season will undoubtedly impact the team’s performance, as he is a key player and one of the league’s rising stars. The Grizzlies will need to adjust their strategies and game plans during his absence to maintain their competitive edge.

Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

Ja Morant’s suspension serves as a stark reminder that professional athletes are role models and should exercise caution in their public actions. The incident highlights the NBA’s commitment to ensuring the responsible behavior of its players and protecting the impressionable youth who idolize them. It is crucial for players to understand the potential consequences of their actions and make choices that positively impact their careers and communities.


Ja Morant’s 25-game suspension for the gun incident on social media has created shockwaves throughout the NBA. The league’s decision emphasizes the need for responsible behavior among professional athletes and aims to discourage imitation by young individuals. As the Memphis Grizzlies face the challenge of Morant’s absence, it remains to be seen how the team will adapt and perform without their star guard. Ultimately, this incident serves as a lesson for athletes and reinforces the NBA’s commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful environment within the league.

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