Iggy Azalea Reaps Rewards: Making ‘So Much Money’ From OnlyFans After Two Months

Iggy Azalea Heats Things Up: Launches ‘Hotter Than Hell’ Multimedia Project on OnlyFans and making so much within two months

Iggy’s Instagram

Iggy Azalea recently made the jump to OnlyFans, joining the platform last month with no small announcement: she proclaimed that “Hotter Than Hell” would be her “biggest project” yet. Already, the rapper is reaping the rewards of her decision to join the platform—she recently opened up to fans about the financial bonuses she’s received since jumping on board.

OnlyFans has become the go-to platform for content makers, particularly in the sex work community. Unlike traditional sites, OnlyFans allows content makers to make money directly from their posts rather than using a third-party service. Iggy Azalea has seen firsthand the benefits of using this platform, earning a great sum from her presence. The rapper’s fans are eager to find out more about “Hotter Than Hell”, and watching her earnings grow has made them even more excited for her newest project!

Iggy Azalea has just launched her ambitious year-long project, “Hotter Than Hell” on OnlyFans

Iggy’s Instagram

which according to the rapper, will be bringing us “photographs, visual art collabs, videos, merch and all kinds of aesthetically pleasing, hot as hell things”. On top of that, she’s also planning on releasing a coffee table book that’s sure to be a hit with fans. On the HighLow with EmRata podcast, hosted by model Emily Ratajkowski, Azalea revealed she was making a considerable amount of money from subscribers of the platform. Whether you’re an existing fan of the rapper or a new one drawn to this exciting project, it looks like “Hotter Than Hell” is sure to be a hit!

Iggy Azalea revealed to model Emily Ratajkowski she is naked on OnlyFans

that she does in fact share nudity on a certain platform. The “Black Widow” rapper was candid about her content and expressed, “Yes, I don’t show my vagina, but there is boobs and there is butt and I am naked.” Ratajkowski then inquired as to how much money Azalea earns from the content, to which Azalea responded, “I’m making so much money that I won’t even say how much it is.”

Model Emily Ratajkowski recently praised Iggy Azalea’s new business venture and said she’s been considering joining the platform herself. In a conversation with the “Fancy” singer, Ratajkowski reflected on her own career in the modeling industry. As many fans know, the model became famous after appearing in Robin Thicke’s hit music video “Blurred Lines” and has since spoken out against being objectified and sexualized in the industry. The model told Azalea that, “You and I have commodified our bodies. But this [OnlyFans] is more direct. On Instagram, you get followers and hope a deal comes later.” It’s clear that Ratajkowski is impressed with Iggy’s bold business move and may even join the platform herself. Only time will tell!

Iggy’s Instagram

OnlyFans gives Iggy ownership

Azalea opted to use OnlyFans to share content and take ownership of her body. She confessed that the transition was scary for her at first, as it was her first time exposing herself in such an overt manner. However, she is comfortable with it because she is in control of it and thinks it has artistic value. With the help of OnlyFans, Azalea is now able to confidently take ownership of her body without any compromises!

Now, Azalea has entered the world of OnlyFans, making her presence felt at a time when the platform is plagued with celebrity controversy. Though her content is not yet known, fans on Twitter are already showing their excitement in anticipation of what she might deliver.

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