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Grammys New Rule Regarding AI: Ensuring Human Creatorship in Music

The Grammys, the prestigious music awards organized by the Recording Academy, have recently implemented new rules regarding the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in music. The Grammys new rule regarding AI aims to address the growing influence of AI-generated compositions and establish the importance of human creatorship in the music industry. Under the new guidelines, only “human creators” are eligible to win a Grammy, emphasizing the significance of meaningful human contribution in AI-infused musical works.

The Rule: Emphasizing Human Creatorship

Under the new “Artificial Intelligence (AI) Protocols,” the Recording Academy has made it clear that a work lacking human authorship is ineligible for any Grammy category. Moreover, the rule acknowledges the presence of AI elements in music but necessitates a significant and meaningful contribution by a human creator to qualify for consideration. This decision comes in the wake of recent advancements in AI music production and the concern that AI-generated compositions could potentially overshadow human creativity and craftsmanship.

Importance of Human Authorship

The Recording Academy’s decision reflects the vital role that human creators play in the music industry. While AI can contribute elements such as vocals or instrumentation, songwriting, which is at the core of the Grammys songwriting-based categories, it must predominantly stem from human creators. This ensures that human artistic expression remains the driving force behind award-winning music.


Paul McCartney’s AI Experimentation

The recent announcement by Paul McCartney regarding a “last Beatles record” using AI technology has sparked both excitement and apprehension. The Grammys new rule shows the importance of having a balance between embracing technological advancements and preserving human creativity and authorship.

Categorization and Nominations

The updated guidelines allow for nominations of compositions that integrate AI as long as there is significant proof of human involvement and authorship. Moreover, the focus is on the human component, and AI-generated elements do not disqualify a song from consideration. However, it is crucial that the human creator’s contribution is meaningful and relevant to the specific category for which the work is being nominated. It is important to maintain the role of AI as a tool to enhance human creativity, rather than to replace it.

Adapting to the Evolving Music Landscape

The Grammys’ incorporation of AI is an essential adjustment to keep up with the constantly changing music industry. While AI technology continues to advance, it is necessary to establish guidelines that strike a balance between innovation and the preservation of human artistic expression. 


The Grammys new rule regarding the use of AI in music demonstrates a commitment to recognizing the essential role of human creators. While AI-generated compositions can still be nominated, the emphasis is on meaningful human contribution and authorship.  Additionally, the Grammys have implemented certain rules to maintain a platform that honors and recognizes human creativity in music while also acknowledging the potential of AI as a tool for innovation. This decision is a balance between embracing advancements in technology and preserving human artistic expression in the constantly evolving music industry.

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