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Flying Cars Take Flight in the US

In a groundbreaking deal worth $250 million, innovative Australian flying car company Ace VTOL is set to redefine personal transportation in the United States. They will introduce their flagship electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft, the GT Slipstream, to American flying car showrooms.

Ace VTOL, based in Perth, Australia, is eyeing the American market with its partner Aeroauto in West Palm Beach, Florida. The GT Slipstream, fondly dubbed the ‘flying muscle car,’ revolutionizes personal travel with 270 mph speeds and an impressive 300-mile range per charge.

The excitement doesn’t stop there, as Ace VTOL aims to make its grand debut in the U.S. market as early as 2027. This ambitious goal hinges on receiving the coveted certification for test flights from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thankfully, the FAA now issues airworthiness certificates to EAV companies, ushering in a new aviation era.

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The skies of America are already abuzz with anticipation, as flight testing is well underway across the nation. Within the span of a year, Ace VTOL plans to unveil a prototype of its groundbreaking GT Slipstream. Aspiring pilots benefit from advanced simulation training via a partnership with Boeing-backed NerobotX, known for its top-notch AI training.

But that’s not all. Aeroauto, the visionary partner behind this endeavor, has even more exciting plans in store. They plan to invest more in Ace VTOL to launch the ‘Trinity’ air taxi, designed for up to five passengers, including wheelchair accessibility.

The Emerging eVTOL Industry

Brett Northey, the dynamic CEO of Ace VTOL, couldn’t be more thrilled about this collaboration, stating, “Aeroauto is a perfect partner for Ace VTOL. They have proven their ability to sell and service eVTOL vehicles with the highest levels of professionalism. Being in the emerging eVTOL industry, we seek partners who share our dedication to safety, service, and sustainability. We’re thrilled to collaborate with Sean and his exceptional team to introduce eVTOLs to the personal transportation market.

Aeroauto goes beyond selling and servicing EAVs; they’re committed to developing vertiports, hubs for flying vehicle landing, takeoffs, charging, and maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures a seamless flying experience for future Ace VTOL enthusiasts.

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In parallel with Ace VTOL’s endeavors across the Pacific, a Bay Area start-up, Alef Aeronautics, is making waves in the flying car industry. Based in San Mateo, Alef Aeronautics is edging closer to realizing the dream of electric-powered, street-legal flying cars. With federal approval recently granted for testing its innovative vehicles in Silicon Valley, Alef Aeronautics is ready to showcase its latest prototype to the public.

Alef Aeronautics’ co-founders, Jim Dukhovny and Constantine Kisly, are on the verge of revealing the first-ever flying car. Their Alef prototype, built with advanced materials, boasts impressive specs: 200 mph cruising speed, 110-mile flying range per charge, and a 200-mile road range.


The Alef team utilizes 3D printing for prototypes, demonstrating their commitment to advanced technology in making flying cars a reality. Constantine Kisly, the engineering director, affirms, “These techs were once in labs, now they’re production-ready.”

The Future Is Here!

Naysayers may raise doubts, but Alef Aeronautics and its supporters remain undeterred. Venture capitalist Tim Drape, known for backing industry giants like Tesla, SpaceX, and Cruise, firmly believes in electric flying cars’ potential. While acknowledging the challenges, the Alef team remains committed to making flying cars a common sight in our skies.

Transportation expert Billy Riggs, a professor at USF School of Management, recognizes the challenges but believes innovations like these require time for broad acceptance. Jim Dukhovny, Alef Aeronautics’ co-founder, concurs, stating, “It’s a slow start, but I believe it’ll gain momentum faster than expected.”

Alef Aeronautics aims to exhibit its latest prototype by year-end, starting production around 2025. The dream of flying cars is now a reality, offering a future without traffic jams and a smoother, eco-friendly commute.

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