Drew Barrymore Responds To Hugh Grant’s Diss About Her Singing (Video)

In true positive Drew fashion, Drew Barrymore has responded to Hugh Grant’s recent diss of her singing skills, calling them “horrendous.” Watch her video response to the British actor below.

Instagram/Drew Barrymore

Again, Grant is the topic of online chatter for remarks he made at the 2023 Oscars and a subsequent Wired interview, where Grant was asked if it was his voice in the movie “Music and Lyrics.” Grant admitted that he does sing but is “Auto-Tuned beyond belief.” He then insulted Barrymore’s singing abilities, referring to them as “horrendous,” adding that he “heard dogs bark better than her singing.” She was apparently also auto-tuned and Grant went on to say that she ended up sounding better than him.

Drew Barrymore’s Video Response to Hugh Grant’s Diss

Barrymore, on the other hand, responded to Grant’s comments in typical Drew fashion. She posted a video of her singing “Way Back Into Love” from “Music and Lyrics” on Instagram. The caption read, “#SingForHughGrant JOIN ME.” After her hairbrush serenade, she said to Grant, “Oh Hugh, Bert, Hubert, that’s for you.”

Hugh Grant’s Recent Behavior

Meanwhile, Grant has been a topic of conversation for his behavior at the Oscars and subsequent interviews. He was seen rolling his eyes at ABC Oscars red-carpet host Ashley Graham, 35, prompting viewers to describe him as a jerk. He made a crude joke onstage while presenting at the Oscars alongside his “Four Weddings and a Funeral” co-star Andie MacDowell, where he said he was “basically a scrotum.”

Grant admitted to co-host Whoopi Goldberg, 67, on Thursday’s episode of “The View” that he indeed was the one who wrote the joke and that he was “very anxious” about it. He went on to say, “I guess I got away with it.”

Should Hugh Grant Apologize?

It is evident that Grant’s recent remarks and behavior have not gone unnoticed. His recent behavior has been termed as rude and unbecoming of a Hollywood star. Barrymore’s response has been viewed as classy and humorous. Barrymore’s fans have been praising her for taking the high road and responding in a positive way. Grant’s rude behavior is not new. The actor has been known to make crude jokes and remarks in the past. However, it seems that his recent behavior has been more controversial and has led to a lot of criticism from fans and fellow celebrities alike. Some have even called for Grant to apologize for his behavior.

Despite the backlash, Grant seems to be unapologetic about his behavior. He has not issued any apologies or made any attempts to clear the air. It remains to be seen how his behavior will affect his career in the long run. However, one thing is for sure, Drew Barrymore indeed is a true class act.

What do you think, RC readers? Should Hugh Grant apologize for his rude behavior? Indeed he should! Leave me a comment below!

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