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Virgin Galactic!

Virgin Galactic’s Big Day

Virgin Galactic’s Flight Tomorrow marks a significant milestone in the history of space travel as it embarks on its first commercial spaceflight​​. This article explores everything you need to know about the launch, from who’s going, when it’s launching, to ticket costs, frequency, and safety. Who is going on the Virgin Galactic flight? Tomorrow’s passengers…

Big Ben

Big Ben Volcano Eruption Antarctica

In the vast and icy solitude of the Southern Hemisphere, a fiery spectacle has been unfolding. Satellite imagery has recently captured lava spilling down the sides of Big Ben, one of the two active volcanoes located on Australian territory, on Heard Island near Antarctica​. Big Ben, aptly named for its imposing size, is situated about…

attacking boats

The Unsettling New Behavior of Killer Whales

Killer whales have started sinking boats in recent years, especially in the serene waters off Spain’s coast and the Strait of Gibraltar. Sailors in these areas report aggressive orca attacks on their boats. These attacks often cause serious damage, and sometimes even sink the boats. This unusual behavior has left scientists, sailors, and the general…