Camille Étienne: Benjamin Millepied’s Alleged Mistress

In early June 2023, news broke that Benjamin Millepied, husband of award-winning actress Natalie Portman, had allegedly been unfaithful with a much younger woman, Camille Étienne.  The affair was reportedly short-lived.  News outlets suggest otherwise.

Camille Etienne Benjamin Millepied Alleged Mistress

Instagram/Camille Étienne

The rumors quickly circulated throughout social media and entertainment news outlets after French Magazine Voici reported that Étienne and Millepied were recently seen allegedly spending time together.  This prompted many speculating about the state of the couple’s marriage. However, sources close to the couple have come forward to dispel the rumors, stating that they are still very much together and are working through the situation. Many fans of Portman and Millepied have expressed their support for the couple, while others continue to speculate about the details of the alleged affair. It remains to be seen how Portman and Millepied will navigate this difficult situation and what impact it will have on their personal and professional lives.

Who is Camille Étienne?

Camille Étienne, 25, was allegedly romantically involved with Benjamin Millepied, a world-renowned dancer and choreographer. Although their relationship was kept out of the public eye, rumors have circulated for years that they had an affair.

While some people may view this as scandalous, it is important to also recognize Étienne’s significant achievements as an activist for climate change and social justice. She has dedicated her life to fighting for a better future for all, and has been an inspiration to many. In addition to her activism, Étienne is also a talented author and has written a book titled “For an Ecological Uprising: Overcoming Our Collective Powerlessness.” The book urges individuals from all walks of life to unite and actively safeguard our planet, securing a brighter future for future generations. Additionally, she was reportedly recognized by French Vanity Fair as one of the “50 French women who made 2020”. Camille Étienne is reportedly a friend of eco superstar Greta Thunberg. She comes from the Savoy region of France and is the daughter of a mountain guide and the granddaughter of farmers.

Camille Etienne Benjamin Millepied

Instagram/Camille Étienne

Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied Relationship

 Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied first met on the set of the movie “Black Swan” in 2009. The two quickly began a romantic relationship. The couple announced their engagement in 2010. They married in 2012, surrounded by close friends and family. Together, they have two beautiful children and have been known for their love and devotion to each other.

However, in 2022, rumors began to circulate that the couple had separated. Despite this, they managed to reconcile and celebrated their 10-year anniversary in August of that year.

Natalie Portman Benjamin Millepied

Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived. In early March 2023, it was revealed that Portman had discovered her husband’s affair with Étienne, which allegedly had been going on for some time. This news rocked the couple’s world and put their future together in jeopardy. Despite this setback, both Millepied and Portman are determined to work through their issues and come out stronger on the other side. While their future together is uncertain, they remain committed to their family and the love they share.

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