Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil Drama

The Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil drama is back on! Green had some harsh things to say about his ex. Here we go again.

Instagram/Brian Austin Green/Vanessa Marcil

Following their separation in 2003, the Beverly Hills, 90210 actor laid it all out when he responded to her remark that she had brought up their son Kassius, who is now 20 years old, all by herself. In a recent question and answer session that Vanessa hosted on her Instagram Stories, she responded to a follower’s question regarding their approach to co-parenting by making the following statement: “We didn’t & don’t co-parent. I raised my son alone.”

On February 24, Brian shared on his IG Story a screenshot of the actress’ response.

Instagram/Brian Austin Green

Is this a case of he said she said? Who do you believe?

According to Brian, who also has three sons with his ex-wife Megan Fox and a 7-month-old baby boy named Zane with his girlfriend Sharna Burgess, he is the one who raised Kassius.

The two met in 1999 on the set of Beverly Hills, 90210.  They soon started dating and had Kassius in 2002.   They split a year later. 

Oh, the drama

The former couple are no strangers to drama in their lives. In January of 2012, Vanessa filed a lawsuit against Brian for alleged unpaid loans. Her lawsuit was thrown out a few months later after a court ruled that the applicable statute of limitations had passed.

In 2018, Vanessa made accusations that Brian and his then-wife Megan had “completely cut Kass out of their lives,” and she claimed that her son was “truly heartbroken” over the alleged situation. The drama between the pair once again made headlines.

In 2019 it seemed that their relationship was on the mend, when Vanessa posted support for their son Kassius visiting Green on the set of the BH 90210 reboot. In September 2021, the former General Hospital star gave support once again when Green competed on Dancing With The Stars. She shared a photo of Kassius headed to a live taping of the show with the caption, “Going to see my dad right now. #TeamGreen.”

Clearly something went awry between the two. As recently as October 2022, Green took to his Instagram Story and posted “I just heard that my ex was claiming I spent years taking her to court and asking for child support. How was I the Respondent then??? #factsisfacts #thetruthshallsetyoufree.” He had receipts to back up the claim, with a screenshot of an alleged court doc that noted Marcil as the petitioner and Green as the respondent.

What do you think of the Brian Austin Green and Vanessa Marcil drama? Who do you believe? Leave me a comment below. Oh, these celebrities and all their drama!

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